Poem – Apostasy

Poem - The Price
Poem – The Price
July 9, 2021
Poem - She
Poem – She
July 9, 2021
Poem - The Price
Poem – The Price
July 9, 2021
Poem - She
Poem – She
July 9, 2021

A physician is needed for those who are sick,
but when the doctor is unwell,
we are prone to grow worse
by deceived friendly smiles
with reptilian gaze.
From the lack of their warmth,
we’re tripped into a gradual soul-freeze
succumbing to falsehood as its prey
by staying out of love’s way.

Where is the real power of God
which holds to keep us in His genuineness,
found to be caressed by his concerns?
If not to watch,
it is the wolf who have his way.
You have not of Him because you ask not
from the almighty one.
Praying amiss, growing darker and colder,
isolated in the midst of the flock,
trusting that the great shepherd is there
when he really is not.

Trained in a pattern
that has all your thoughts?
Seduced to believe
that you’ll outgrow it
while being sucked down to the abyss,
but you’ll never know it.
For you have been apostate taught.
Where nothing’s to chew on to feed the soul
grazing on grass that is full of holes.
When love and truth do not come together,
we’re left to be found less than whole.

Looking for substance in an unsatisfying world?
On a quest or a search which is making you old?
Then bid for the Quiet Master
and wait for his peace
to come in His gentle reassuring embrace
who’ll put out the imposters
by the brightness of his own light;
come walk and reject them by being still.
To grow from night until it is day,
beyond this spirit’s now cheapened thrills.

Killed is the beast
who waged war
with his wine
as the image he declared
to be glorified.
Slain by the one with the sword
who rides the white horse
with the truth of his tongue.
Against all manner of spirit, He stands.
For those who turn
to admit they cannot,
these captives are set free,
remaining bowed
on wounded knee.

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter,
and a king’s glory to seek for the answer.
Do we recognize the truth
of God’s love towards us?
As he weeps
to alleviate his solace with delight?
We grow beyond apostasy,
breaking free from our glazed over stare
for when Christ is inside as reality
everything loses its hold
to that which is crystal clear.

The original sin
which leads men astray,
choosing our pride
to go our own way.
Hast the Lord really said, “Thus!
There are others,
mine are quick and easy,”
say the shadows in the mind.
“Look to their root!”
When without patient peace
as our base to build
ain’t no way in hell
to ever be filled.

Good choices give life,
as enhancers, they make everything better
displaying how good God is towards us.
Poor choices, they’ll
keep you reaching for the stars
with arms too short to embrace ’em.
We can make God so small
when we get too tall.
Talked into abundant life,
not possible!

As truth will always bear witness
of what is in sight.
Within itself, we will know the difference.
“How can we not?”
His company is better than what we knew
before we grew into something
we could never do.

R.A. Feller

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