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Books written by Maxine Sue Feller, mother of author R.A. Feller. There are many things that are picked up through family generations by the osmosis of the atmosphere in every home situation. I’m sharing my mother’s books, Maxine Sue Feller,  who is also an author for this reason. This will allow you to see the difference between where I came from in my home and what happened after I found God upon leaving.
-R.A. Feller






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Books by Maxine Sue Feller

“A Broken Promise”

George and Grace Goodrich looked forward to his retirement, anticipating enjoyment for the rest of their lives. Arrangements for travel seemed exciting as everything they planned for was coming together. Two months later, his retirement luncheon turned everything sour. It was discovered that their second honeymoon plans, which they couldn’t originally afford, were falling apart. This weighed heavily on Grace’s mind.

The next day, George mistakes Grace’s tube of anti-wrinkle cream for a tube of toothpaste. Now he often repeats himself. Could something be wrong? He suddenly decides to move out of their bedroom and it is discovered in the mail that their travel tickets to fly to Paris, France were replaced with a “Hot-air Balloon Festival,” in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This did not seem right and it left his wife upset and puzzled.

Grace realizes George’s behavior and actions need to be examined more closely. To her surprise, a doctor advises her to place him in a gated facility for his own safety.

Since George has no memory of Grace, he meets and falls in love with another patient. Grace must face the dilemma of staying married to a man who has not only forgotten who she is, but has fallen in love with another woman. What will she do?

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Books by Maxine Sue Feller

“The Fortunate Child”

It was a long and devastating journey that Maxine was forced to undertake. Through depths of despair as a preschooler and on through a tumultuous adolescence where she was ignored, life became confusing. Her abusive and uncaring mother who daily left her with a malicious grandmother who similarly mistreated her caused a fending for herself.

Her divorced mother next instructs her to no longer call her Mama, which makes things worse for a child. In an effort to enhance her own marketability as a prospective wife in the future to some unsuspecting man in her situation, she becomes resourceful in distancing herself from “Mama.”

Fortunately, Maxine learns how to become street smart with guiles that allow her to survive. The pain of her youth converts out of necessity, which toughens her with unwillingness to accept what appears to be inevitable defeat. Find out how her own perseverance and courage allowed for acceptance and finally graduation from Brooklyn College.

Separating herself from an horrendous past, she rises up to achieve success as a schoolteacher, wife, and ultimately a mother and grandmother. Proficiency as a stock trader also becomes par for the course, thus providing herself and her family the additional financial and emotional security she was deprived of in her early years.
Maxine reflects on her life as an independent success story.

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Books by Maxine Sue Feller


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“Clean Window”

Come follow a more than mundane adventure of Carlos, Maria, and their son, Georgio Lopez. Be a witness to how they overcome their difficulties in a new country. Georgio’s prayer gets answered! 

You’ll be amused and surprised as this family figures out how to better themselves in this land of opportunity while going from rags to riches on this difficult journey.

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“The Red Line”

Books by Maxine Sue Feller

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There are five basic reasons affluent retired people choose to live in a retirement community for independent living. The reader is invited to follow Ethel Morgenstern, who from a series of life events, has now chosen to live in one of these located near her daughter.

She soon discovers the maturity process does not depend on the accumulation of one’s many years. Through the interaction with the other residents, Ethel soon realizes learning is an ongoing process. Realizing her maturity when she is confronted by an opportunity that challenges her past desires and beliefs, she is confronted with life-changing decisions. Will she choose to ignore the red flags seen in her new situation and make life changes to accept a new romance or not? 

About the author

Maxine Sue Feller is the ninety year-old bestselling author of  “A Fortunate Child,” “A Broken Promise,” and “Clean Window” published in 2023. She has written more than a dozen books since 2006 and endeavors to be honest in imparting new ways of examining action while continuing to be an entertaining storyteller for her many readers.

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“The Red Line”

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