Greetings from R.A. Feller

   It is said, “When lacking in wisdom, confusion exists and what is real can be overlooked.”

   R. A. Feller spent over 40 years cataloging wisdom through a search of observation on how to live life to the fullest while meditating and writing award-winning internationally published poetry.

   One day, at around seven years of age, the question, “Why was he here?” entered his mind. He came to the conclusion that life was confusing and wanted to find the meaning of how to understand it, “I started searching and as I grew, I tried the any of everything for answers.”

   After discovering that there is no life in the mundane, he realized that he was tasting death and was not living a full life while being dissatisfied.


   Calington Castle, for ages 11 - adult, is an enjoyable fictional journey with documentations of observation to make one fully aware and alive through real life experiences, which R. A. Feller wrote while counseling many. It is set in an action-packed mystical medieval adventure story series that connects with deep love for healing. When understanding the spiritual side of reality to see the physical through spiritual eyes, life becomes stable.

   You are invited to go on the greatest adventure of your life in this timeless tale where you might even discover your purpose at the same time.

   Sharing full life experiences has allowed R. A. Feller to watch others come alive and this has become his passion.