Mission Statement for Films

In recent years, there's been a decline in morals and values. I invite you to help me reverse this trend by being a part of the Calington Castle book series. High quality books have been produced without profanity, sexual exploitation, or excessive violence.

Put simply, “art influences culture” and great storytelling has taken a backseat to lesser values. The best news is these books can easily be converted to film without sacrificing a compelling story. I have scripts in the light of a positive message and am willing to work with an investor(s) in the production of a feature film. After working in the film industry for over 10 years, I strive to put the very best product on the screen.

Problems have been inherited in promoting addictive and self-abusive behaviors in media. This gets little or no attention in the name of ratings and profit. I believe this tide can be turned, but it will take the help of a concerned investor(s) like yourself who is genuinely interested in seeing a change for moral good.

If you are interested in changing media suppression and want another option in our entertainment reality, which has sparked rebellion and brought division, Calington Castle has a solution. Most have never been allowed to consider expressing other alternatives, but now we have another option. 

For the past 10 years, I've watched the decline through alluring Hollywood productions that perpetuated the following idea: Dull the pain through thrills, blank out our minds, and ignore what is happening. Unfortunately, I worked in production on many of these projects and saw how the corruption trickled down from the top. I believe that having a clear mind of sincerity of conscience can be restored again, but time is short.

Everything we now hold dear I see slipping away as a light flickering into the future of a not too-distant tomorrow. That is why we must act now! Please contact me if you're concerned as well.