Calington Castle 7 – The Vision Revealed

Insight allows us to see things that at times we do not fully understand 'til it all comes into focus. Marcus receives a vision on his journey when he looks into the seeing pools while finding his way. In the timing of the great one, they become revealed.

Travel with him under the guidance of his wise director who knows how to yield to Prince Liam's instruction. Whether on their adventures at sea or a return to the mountains of Dagog, Marcus is given the space he needs to realize he needs help. 

Is there such a thing as a door to evil which can be closed as the mind brighten from being dim? Finding better solutions through the problems we face in life through reasoning is key in determining better choices. 

See how all unravels for Marcus who tries to avoid his struggles, yet still has to face other challenges that arise. Many lessons are encountered while a full vision is revealed as he discovers his purpose and how to pace himself to maintain a full life.

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