Read "Another Secret Part 1" by James Leesley

This is a novel by my good friend, James Leesley, from Leesley Films ↗.

The text on the back of the book:
Kevin, safety director for the gold mining company The Darrius Corporation, is sent to Canada to investigate a series of unexplained deaths and paranormal activity at one of the company’s mines. Once there, the strange phenomenon continues as Kevin attempts to uncover the cause. The plot thickens as Karen, a television reporter, and Kevin becomes romantically involved with her.

What’s really going on in the mine? How will the truth be revealed to Kevin and Karen, and can their relationship survive the harrowing journey they find themselves on? Follow the riveting action to its enthralling conclusion in Another Secret Part 1: Tell the World Hell Does Exist.

Pages: 110

Read the first several pages here:
“Another Secret Part 1” sampler PDF

Download the complete book on PDF for $3.00.


Read "Another Secret Part 1" by James Leesley