The 31-page short, “Oneness with God,” is a series of deep, mystical mediations to bring one closer to God’s love.
     R.A. Feller asks the question, “Has my journey come to an end?” Now, focusing through darkness has come as I’ve entered into the light to share my vision of oneness with God from beyond. Having over a hundred visions has landed me in the experience in the following paragraph:
     I see an astronomical amount of particles rotating around an energy field being dispersed out into creation and other particles coming back in like a magnetic field, which possibly has a north and a south pole. I sense there to be an intensive deep, abiding love within this field of energy of The Creator’s hand that creates energy, which goes out and returns. All is happening in a progressively slow and circular motion. The scripture comes to mind, “We love because he first loved us.” Love going out and coming back, so intense, augh! “Breathless!”

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