Investment Opportunity

My name is Richard Feller, known as author R. A. Feller. My book series, Calington Castle, has been published from 2012-2023.

After many years, Calington Castle has been discovered. It is being hailed as a Christian masterpiece. I was approached at New York Book Expo 2018 by Director/Producer Grayson Berry. Grayson immediately recognized the visual potential behind the piece, and thus we began a 5-year collaboration. After looking at some of Grayson’s prior work (TV pilots, films, and book trailers) and with over 10 years in production myself, I was convinced that his team would execute my vision. So, I hired his company, Novel Trailers LLC during this time.

Right now, I am extending an executive producer invitation offer as an investment opportunity. Through Grayson Berry, I learned that film distributors such as Green Apple Entertainment, which is a prominent Christian film distributor, has mentioned that based on the trailer alone, they are interested in distribution. On that note, the Calington series comprises of five books, giving us plenty of future material. Medieval and Christian films are currently yielding very high returns.

I am including three additional attachments summarizing comparable films and proof of profit regarding return on investment, along with terms.

You have every conceivable advantage as an investor. I look forward to discussing your thoughts on the terms listed below:

Very truly yours,
R. A. Feller

Below are just a few articles detailing our good fortune in making Calington Castle, as it is a C.S. Lewis Chronicles of Narnia meets Tolken's Lord of the Rings type of film with all new themes, which deal with current problems the world is facing today. I have included the budgets of three comparable Christian films, none of them having the caveat of being a Medieval fantasy. Although they have been very successful in the past, they are not being produced as of late. 

If you're going to make something aimed at religious crowds, just go the whole way. The reality is, there's a big enough audience globally for you to just make a film that's aimed directly at religious people and still succeed. It doesn't have to be everything for everyone as The Chosen series illustrates this fact so well. 


The Calington Castle trailer


Return on investments

Facing the Giants
Budget: $100,000.
Box office: $21 million

The Grace Card
Budget: $200,000.
Box office: $6 million

Budget: $500,000
Box office: $72 million

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The following are the terms for partnering in the Calington Castle action adventure series. R. A. Feller is offering the opportunity of partnering up with an investor(s). This series has taken over 40 years of writing as a life’s journey into understanding of how reality exists.


During the writing of this book series, the following happened: An opportunity has opened for an elite film production company to come into formation and nine books have been completed with room for additional ones to be added to the series.


R. A. Feller is looking to sell to an investor(s) 49% of his intellectual properties for his first book in the backing of a film or television series in which he will retain 51% of book sales after the investor has made back their initial production film investments for the Calington Castle series, minus 20% off the backend of profits from the first film on any or all releases on any entertainment, art or intellectual medium, and 30% on any other films to follow for investor(s), after the investor has made back their initial investment money and production costs. If at that time the investor would care to continue to invest in future productions, other terms for investors will be determined at that time. Full disclosure of ledgers of all financial decisions will be open to inspection upon request, by R. A. Feller or someone representing his Calington Castle intellectual properties.


R. A. Feller, having worked in the film industry for over 10 years, knows his way around production and the storyline of his books. He must maintain full creative control in the continuing of the series and film productions to uphold the integrity of the Calington Castle name.

Options of creativity

The author is willing to look at all offers and will listen to any creative suggestions, although he will have the final say. The book series can be an excellent animation, docudrama from real-life events in the author’s life with cutaways into the Calington story as another avenue, or following the storyline of the book as a film or television series would work just as well.