Jesus Christ came to redeem us back from a fallen world. It rests in a darkness that hides the wave found within time. Our dim understanding cannot comprehend what’s in the breadth, length, height and depth, which is known through the love of Christ that surpasses understanding. Only by the Holy Spirit may one be filled with the full knowledge of God’s love within the framework of light to see and walk in eternal life. For everyone who walks in accordance with Him is granted the riches of His glory to be strengthened with power through His Spirit in the inner self. He, bearing the truth of the light, not only redeems us into it, but shows us the way to continue to walk in it. “Walk in the light while you have the light lest darkness overtake you.” From the fervent heat of His love, “We love because God first loved us,” where we are changed and refashioned, melting our essence in the elements of our being as we’re transformed into the essence of Himself.

    After the act of what is called salvation, God who sent His Son to bring us back to His Kingdom desires intimacy with us in a progression of growth in the loop of His regenerative resurrection loving bloodline which lives. This book will explain how to find and continue on in an intimacy of “God’s love that restrains us,” while holding us in a perpetual embrace. For as God commingles with us throughout our existence of being, we know being intimate with Him.

    Yes, God wants more than salvation for us, He wants to know us in a bond of an intimately unbroken succession of love, which is perpetually available for all.

“Intimacy with God.”
23 pages of clarity.
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