Chariot of Fire Poem

Calington Castle Movie Trailer
February 16, 2024
The Gate – Poem
April 30, 2024
Calington Castle Movie Trailer
February 16, 2024
The Gate – Poem
April 30, 2024

Chariot of Fire

Words are in motion while not at peace.
But by chariots of fire only,
we are found on His stable seat
to enter into rest.
We were cut in the ripple of the wave asunder,
scattered while in time as devil’s plunder.
All were set ablaze in dimness
until friction, heat, and burning slowed us.
Moved within the buffeting winds inside,
what is peace without stability? A lie!
Without protection from God’s love,
we are swept outside ourselves.

Happened stance of stillness in our Lord’s presence,
what are the odds of being still to know God is God?
Who calms the storms of all their rains . . .
while walking on His firm foundation
above turbulent waters of the breadth?
Handbreadths are our days till motion ceases from wars abuse,
landing Satan under a cloak of darkness
spread out to encompass man in a fallen world without order.
Everything comes tumbling down when not built on true, stable ground.
Yet horses were hitched to the Prince of Peace in shalom,
as cracked is time in every contemplated comprehended moment
where motion subsided in the perpendicular position to the winds.

Jesus sat down in stillness, disrupting and piercing,
with the weight of truly true.
Splitting seconds, His first seed was planted to break all commotion
while sitting in the fire of God’s winged horse, pulling us into eternity on . . .
Chariots of fire, cutting through as buffed to shine in brilliance.
Being in the presence of stillness where we are ignited into breathing light.
No longer are we swept away while in the uneasiness of the world.
For we have entered into heaven’s eternal life by the gate of flesh and blood.
Pulled by chariots blazing with fire as we grow line upon line on still seats
as the elements within our essence of being melt with fervent heat.
Oh, passionate lover of my soul who made covenant in Your own living blood.
By mercy do I humbly fumble and not go, but trust to grow to Thy throne by grace.

R.A. Feller

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