Conception – poem

The Gate – Poem
April 30, 2024
The Gate – Poem
April 30, 2024

Seeds of thoughts draw from the Spirit
where the deep calls unto the deep for connection
throughout the darkness of deception.
Bombarded by spirits that surround our inner space,
thrashing at boundary walls till they are breached,
we’re swallowed a little at a time, disturbing our peace.
First, a toe before a more invasive foot
penetrating to become a stronghold, locking us
prisoners within the soul, draining energy of life away.
Unseen in the dim, we let them stay
till fervent love sparks heat to light and fade them.
Everything screams within the mind as making choices
towards what hides in the dark wants to keep us blind.
What spiritual energy is all around as the truth?
We learn a part of us from man, oh where is the source,
the fountain of light and truth, keeping alive beyond survive?
Yet by what manner of Spirit or spirits do we share
perpetuating the circular cycle of light or dark
as extensions of ourselves to encourage life or death?
We are more than conduit conquerors of destruction
broken in disarray while shattered from God’s love story.
As creator contributors, we make choices of conception.


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